Our response to Covid-19 and the procedures we have put in place


At Magdalene preschool our key priority at all times is the health, safety and wellbeing of children, their families and staff. In regard to the Covid-19 pandemic we have devised a policy in relation to this, please see below:





Emergency Pandemic COVID-19 Policy last updated September 2021

This policy outlines the nature of the current COVID-19 / Corona virus and what Magdalene Preschool are doing to stem infection within our setting.  How we are supporting families, children and staff during this time.

We are taking advice from the Department of Education, Early Years Croydon, The World Health organisation and Gov.uk and Public Health England – Please see relevant link below:


  • We shall ensure that all members of our Preschool community are kept informed as appropriate, with a particular emphasis on the communication to parents and employees through the website and text message as well as messages on our information board with the latest advice given by the government and information regarding preschool.

  • Senior Management will have regular meetings to discuss daily issues regarding children and staff being off due to self-isolation.

  • Manager to keep in constant contact with Early Years Croydon regarding funding.


Day to day running of preschool

In the event that staff are unable to be at work due to having contracted the COVID-19 virus, other staff members will do their best to cover wherever possible. Magdalene preschool will endeavour to stay open for our normal hours, however this may not be possible due to staff ratio’s. Parents will be updated if preschool needs to close early due to not enough staff. It is a safeguarding issue if child to teacher ratios are not correct. Magdalene preschool will aim to stay open throughout this pandemic to support children and working families – unless instructed to close by the Department of Education or Public Health England.

Parents and Children

Please text or phone to let us know if your child or a member of your household displays symptoms of COVID-19. If this is the case households should self-isolate for 14 days.

If a parent is showing of symptoms of Covid-19 - they must not drop off or collect their child at preschool.

We need to be clear that self-isolating is a precautionary measure designed to delay the spread of the coronavirus. Self-isolation must not be confused with having the virus.

Do not bring your child to preschool if they are unwell, we will send them home.

More information is available at https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

Cleanliness and Hygiene

All members of staff will endeavour to keep cleanliness and hygiene to a maximum by:

  • Asking all visitors to the Magdalene centre to use hand sanitizer or to wash their hands when entering the building.

  • Staff to daily deep clean the toilets and kitchen.

  • To spray and clean all work surfaces and door handles daily.

  • To make sure staff and children are regularly washing hands.

  • Encourage staff and children to sneeze into a tissue and bin it or sneeze into elbow.


Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Q. Will staff be wearing PPE?

Staff are not required to wear PPE when interacting with Children. PPE will be worn (masks) by staff if the 2 meter rule cannot be maintained with parents. Staff will wear PPE when dealing with accidents or injuries. If a suspected Covid-19 case is found at preschool, staff will wear full PPE and the child/member of staff will be taken to the isolation room to wait to be collected.

Q. Are Staff/Children required to be tested?

Staff are testing themselves vis lateral flow test twice weekly. Children do not need to be tested unless they show symptoms of Covid-19.

Q. What additional cleaning and hygiene processes are you putting in place?

All staff are responsible for regular cleaning through out the day and we use a rota system for this. We regularly clean and disinfect surfaces, objects and toys throughout the day. This includes high risk contact with door handles and doors, toys and children’s resources and light switches. The children are accompanied to the toilet with an adult and the toilet, toilet flushes and sinks are cleaned by an adult after every use.

There are now hand gel dispensers in the Magdalene centre for everyone to use. Children are encouraged to ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ by using tissues and regularly washing their hands frequently. There are ‘snuffle stations’ in the hall where children can wipe their hands, use tissues and put them in the bin’s provided.

Q. What happens if a child or member of staff become ill during the session at preschool?

If a Child starts to show symptoms of Covid-19 the Manager and Deputy will put on full PPE and take the child to the Covid-19 isolation room where their parent will be contacted to come and collect their child. The family will be advised to self-isolate for 14 days and to obtain a Covid-19 test. The family should keep in contact with preschool to advise them of the situation. If a staff member shows symptoms of Covid-19, they will be asked to leave the Magdalene centre immediately and to obtain a test ASAP, they will not return to work until they receive a negative result.  All parents will be advised if there is a case of Covid-19 at Magdalene Preschool.

Q. I have some anxiety about my child returning/starting preschool and would like to understand more – who should I speak to?

You can speak to Sarah or Asia at the red doors or email to make an appointment.

Q. What additional information is available to understand the pandemic and how it affects preschool?

Please follow the links below: