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Funding & Packages Information

We offer funded places for 2-year olds (if families are eligible).


All 3 and 4 year old children are automatically funded, the term after their 3rd Birthday.


Fees are: £25.00 per session for non-funded children. These are payable in advance each half term. A bill is issued at the beginning of half term with a final payment date. We advise a minimum of 3 sessions per week.

Our hours of opening are Monday and Tuesday 9.00am – 3.45pm. Wednesday 9.00am until 12.00pm.  Thursday and Friday 9.00am until 3.45pm.


To accommodate your specific funding requirements, we offer different day and time packages.

For example, all 3- and 4-year-olds eligible for the 30 hours funded Early Years provision will be entitled to all the above hours. 

All 3- and 4-year-olds entitled to 15 hours Early Years provision can choose from various packages and now have the option to pay for extra hours up to 30 hours yourself if you wish. Booked and paid for half-termly, in advance.

You can access your 15 hour funding over 5 mornings, 9am – 12pm or alternatively you can access them over 2 and a half days, for example, all day Monday and Tuesday 9am – 3.45pm and Wednesday 9am -12pm – you will incur a charge of £13.00 per week for lunch club.

Lunch club: We will be offering a lunch club each day that all 30 hour funded children will attend with a healthy packed lunch provided by you. All 15 hour funded children can stay for lunch if you wish at a fee of £6.50 and a packed lunch provided by you. Lunch club finishes at 1pm. Children may stay for lunch for as many days as you would like but they must be booked in advance half termly. For example, you may just wish to have one or two lunches per week.  Please note children can only stay for lunch after they have turned 3 years old.

Alternatively, you can pay for extra sessions over your funded 15 hours, if you wish to do this, please speak to Ivy.


Packages for 2- & 3-year-olds. Children can attend the setting from the age of 2 . Session times are morning only from 9am-12pm, prices per session are £25.00. We recommend a minimum of 3 sessions per week at the cost of £75.00 per week, during time only.


We require one month’s notice if you wish your child to leave preschool, if advance notice is not given you will be liable for the fees for the following month.


                                       Morning sessions                   Lunch club                  Extra afternoon session               

2 year old            £25.00 (minimum 3 per week)                        n/a                                                          n/a                                                                                                                                               

3 & 4 year old                                 Funded                                    £6.50 per day                                       £20.00 per session                                    


You may be eligible for help with childcare costs via the Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit.  Information about these benefits are explained in leaflet WTC1 issued by HM Revenue & Customs.

30 Hour funding


  • To qualify for the additional 15 hours of free childcare, each parent (or the sole parent in a single parent family) will have to be in work, and expect to earn on average, at least £120 a week (the equivalent of 16 hours on the national minimum wage) and no more than £100,000 per year.

  • Self-employed parents and parents on zero-hours contracts will be eligible if they meet the average earnings threshold. 

  • Families where one parent is not in paid employment (or neither parent works) will usually not be eligible for these additional hours.

  • Parents who are studying or in training will not be eligible unless this is combined with paid work which meets the minimum average earnings threshold.


  • You check eligibility with HMRC either online or by phone

  • If you are eligible you will be given an 11digit code which will normally be valid for 3 months. 

  • Funding can only be accessed from the term following your eligibility e.g. if you check and are eligible in September, you will not be able to take the funding up until January so you need to apply the term before you want to access childcare. You need to inform us and any alternative provider of your 11 digit code and your NI number the term before you wish your funding to start, so the provider can access funding.

  •  At the moment there is no system in place but parents can provisionally register their interest by logging on here  


Please let us know your 11 digit code and your national insurance number as soon as you receive it, so we can check it our end.


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