Important information - September 2020

Now that preschool has been open a couple of weeks, we just wanted to remind everyone of a few house-keeping rules.


As you can imagine, this a very different time for us, we usually have an open-door policy where you can speak to your keyworker at any time. However, due to government regulations and the need to keep our setting as safe as possible we are unable to do this. At present if you wish to speak to your child’s key worker, they are contactable by email or phone. You will also have an opportunity to have a meeting with your key worker either via telephone or zoom after half term to discuss your child’s progress so far. You can always speak to Sarah or Asia at the red doors.

Drop off and collection times

Please make sure you are prompt to drop off and collect your child at the time slot allotted to you. This is so we can safely follow government guidelines and keep everyone safe during the Covid pandemic. Please also make sure you stand at least 1 metre plus apart to abide by social distancing rules as set out by the government. There are 2 metre markers outside the Magdalene centre for you to follow.

Spare clothes

Please provide your child with a set of spare clothes each day. The children are very busy at preschool and play with water daily and even though we have aprons, accidents still happen. Please make sure you label all clothes clearly with your child’s name.


Please dress your child in weather appropriate clothes for preschool, as the winter months start to draw in, children must be dressed appropriately. After the October half term, please make sure you supply a pair of gloves labelled with your child’s name and make sure they are in your child’s bag every day. We cannot share clothes such as gloves due to the current Covid-19 pandemic.


Please do not send your child to preschool with any drinks. We supply fresh filtered drinking water every day and make sure the children drink throughout their session. The filtered water is always out so that the children can pour their own drink at any time they wish.


If your child stays for lunch, please make sure they can open their lunch box (we can help with unwrapping) please make sure they have a healthy cold packed lunch that includes fruit or vegetables.

Please follow the link below for healthy ideas

Please check your child’s day book for daily correspondence, there is a space for your comments.

Lunch club is £6.00 per day and runs from 12-1pm. It’s is a great opportunity for the children to sit together and eat their lunch and socialise, it will also help prepare them for when they move onto primary school. If you are interested in your child staying for lunch please talk to Sarah or Asia.      


We inform you of any infectious illnesses that children or adults within the group have been in contact with. A notice is placed on the outside door. In the case of vomiting and diarrhoea your child must not return to preschool until they are fully recovered and until 48 hours after the last symptoms have occurred. If your son/daughter becomes unwell during the session, we will contact you to come and collect them. We must be able to contact you or another significant adult in an emergency.


Covid-19 Symptoms

(Please see poster below)

Loss of taste and smell have also been added to Covid-19 symptoms.

If your child or any one in your household are showing symptoms of Covid-19, you are advised to self-isolate as a household and seek a test ASAP. Please follow the link below


If you have any questions please speak to Sarah or Asia


Many Thanks

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