Newsletter Summer term April 2022                       


We hope everyone had a lovely Easter break & enjoyed the great weather!


Planning in the moment

We will be continuing ‘planning in the moment’ from Tuesday 19th April. A letter will be emailed to you when it’s your child’s week, and we will ask you to fill in some information and email it back with photos of your child. There will be no parent teacher telephone conversations this half term.


Outdoor play

As usual we go out into the garden every day whatever the weather, please make sure your child is dressed warmly and in suitable fitted clothes you do not mind getting muddy!!  We assume if your child is well enough to attend preschool that they are well enough to go outside for a little while.

Please help your child to recognise their own coat (write their name on the inside label too).

We are encouraging the children to have some self-help skills.

If your child comes to preschool in welly boots please provide some indoor shoes, to keep our carpets clean.

Please can you also make sure your child is dressed appropriately for indoors & outdoors & has a jumper & coat with them.


Covid -19

We are continuing a daily vigorous cleaning regime and we have the windows open for ventilation and are continuing to follow our systems of control (please see our pandemic policy online for more information).

Please follow the link below for the most recent guidance. Symptoms of Covid in children under 5 seem to be displayed different to adults, so please read the guidance carefully.

If your child is unwell or has Covid symptoms, please do not bring them to preschool, please let us know by text asap, stating what their symptoms are. Please also let us know if another member of your household has tested positive for Covid.

If your child is showing Covid symptoms or has tested positive for Covid, please ring the setting & speak to Sarah or Alicia for clarification on how long your child should be kept at home for.





Sickness and diarrhoea

May we remind you that if your child has sickness or diarrhoea, they must not attend preschool and can return 48 hours after the last bout.


Opening times

We have two opening times 9am & 9.15am – please make sure you are prompt when you drop your child off in the morning. Staff cannot keep coming to the door if you arrive late – this not only takes a member of staff away from the children but also disrupts play.


Collecting your child

Please make sure you collect your child at the correct time and promptly at the end of their session. If you need another person to collect your child other than anyone else on their registration you will need to fill in an alternative collection form – the person collecting will need to know your password and show ID.


Lending Library

Our book sharing scheme is self- service selection with your help. There is a wooden box of books in the porch every morning for your children to select from. Please do this before preschool starts or after you have collected your child at 12. Please take the book home and read it with your child. May we emphasise that this is for pleasure and not ‘homework’ that must be achieved, it is to read together for pleasure and not to be forced if your child does not want too! 

After your child has chosen their book, please find your child’s page in the folder and write down the date and what book they have selected. When you return the book, you could also write a sentence about what your child liked/disliked about the book.  

You can change your child’s book on a weekly basis or more often if you’d like. Sometimes they like to take the same book more than once, so don’t worry if you seem to be reading the same book over and over. 

Please encourage the children to enjoy books, to look at them independently and to handle them carefully. 

Please look after the books and folder, as preschool is non-profit making and has limited funds. If the books are lost, we will charge for the cost of the book. 


September 2022

For those children staying in September, if you haven’t already done so, please let us know what package/days you would like your child to attend and if you would like lunch or are eligible for 30 hour funding.



Thank you for all your donations last term of wet wipes, tissues and kitchen roll.

If possible, can you please donate a box of tissues, wet wipes and a kitchen roll.



We are very lucky at Magdalene to have an off-road parking area, most schools do not have this facility; however, we do all need to park considerately so we make the best use of the space.

Please do not park (or leave your car for a few minutes) in the Vicarage drive at any time, it is always in constant use. It is the driveway to the right when facing the Church.



Please follow us on facebook if you haven’t already done so, to see what the children get up to on a weekly basis.


Thank you.